Roca’s new generation of Smart Toilets. In-Wash™ Omi, a wall-hung Smart Toilet series that offers cleansing and drying functions, in addition to a motion sensor for hands-free lid opening and flushing. The 2-in-1 toilet and bidet option for optimal wellness and hygiene in your bathroom space.



Customizable cleansing and drying functions

Comfort that can be tailored to each user​

The front and rear wash function can be adjusted among different levels and pressure settings to adapt to the preferences and needs of each user. The drying air temperature can be modified as well, for optimal comfort. The patented arch-shaped wand provides a wider spray range and offers different nozzle positions to choose from.​

Hands-free control

A complete touchless experience​

The integrated motion and foot sensors guarantee a complete touchless experience. Our most advanced sensor technology allows for touchless opening and closing of the lid, as well as automatic flushing when leaving the sensor area after each use.

Sterilizer and deodorizer device

The highest level of hygiene​

Hygiene is the essence of Roca's new In-Wash® Omi. Thought and created to provide the cleanest experience possible, Omi features a sterilization device that automatically disinfects the toilet bowl after each use. Additionally, the active carbon deodorant system removes all odors from the toilet bowl to maintain a fresh and clean bathroom space.

Side control knob

Easy and accessible​

Conveniently located on the right side of the seat, a round-shaped lateral knob to control the main functions of the toilet. With a simple hand gesture, you can effortlessly activate and stop both front and rear cleansing modes and flush the toilet. For those moments when the remote control is out of reach.

Roca Rimless™ Technology

Easy cleaning, hygenic and splash free

Rimless bowls are free of angles or nooks for accessible and more efficient cleaning. Water is propelled by a novel distribution system that spreads it homogeneously; the rimmed channel has been replaced by simplicity and hygiene without compromises.

Removable nozzle tip

The nozzle tip can be removed for a greater hygiene.

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